It Happened For A Reason


My, oh my, so much to say! Something has happened to me between the last post I wrote and this new post.  I have always had faith and have been somewhat religious, however I did not realize how much disconnect was involved in my relationship with God-until recently.  I use to say that I wanted to go to church, but never did, I use to say I wanted to read the Bible, but never did, I use to want to listen to Christian music, but never did.  The problem here was not with my thoughts, but with my actions.  Their was a big part of me that wanted to change my ways, go to Church, and follow Christ, but I did not.  Did this make me a bad person?  No, not at all–It just meant that I was lost and needed some guidance to follow the light again. 
One day, my best friend sends me a text asking me if I would like to go to Church with her–So I decide to go.  I am proud to say that I have been going to Church for almost two months now and within that time period both my husband and I have been baptized.  I have decided to leave my old ways and journey on my new path to follow Christ.  This change has helped me look at life in a new lens, see things differently than I did before.
It has helped me reevaluate the people in my life–the ones that are there for you only when your life is going good or when it is convenient for them are the wrong They.  The ones who are there for you during good and bad times in your life are the right They.  I want to surround myself by good people so that I can follow in their footsteps and go down the right path with them.  
I know you are probably reading this wondering how does this fit in with our blog–Well, in the past I have had a hard time forgiving my family for some of the ongoing issues we have had and I know we are suppose to forgive, but it isnt without difficulty-until now.  Jesus was sent to the Cross to die for our sins and so we should forgive, just as we have been forgiven.  I have forgiven my family, regardless of the issues we have faced in the path, they will always be my family and I will always love them no matter if they love me back or not.  I truly believe that this transformation that I am currently going through is a miracle from God–God created us all with a unique purpose in life and I am on my journey of seeking out my purpose. I would not necessarily say that I was a bad person, but I definitely was not following in the footsteps of Christ.  I was taken out of the dark and brought into the light.  It happened for a reason and I will be forever grateful.